Intermountain Feed is a Purina Certified Expert Dealer

That means you get the best products and expert advice to make your cattle herd productive, healthy, & profitable.


You will find one of the most complete selections of in-stock bagged Purina products in the Northwest

Milk replacers, Starters, Weaning, Grower, Maintaining, Finishing rations & more!


Purina’s Bulk Accuration Starters & Limiter

Let us help you select the correct ration from Purina’s Extensive line of Bulk Products and it will be delivered directly to your Ranch!



You won’t find a better value than Purina Wind & Rain minerals.  Consistent intakes, high palatability, high digestibility, better conception rates, increased feed conversion & increased immunity to sickness is just the beginning of the benefits to a sound mineral program.


Bulk Grains by the Ton

Barley, Cracked Corn, Grower & Finisher rations, custom mixes available!

Exclusive to Intermountain Feed
Because of our connections to the Cattle & Feed industries, we provide you access to commodities as unique as your own cattle operation.

Protein Tubs

When you’re short on time, let these tubs work for you!  Convenient, Safe & Economical nutrition for your herd.


Purina Hi-Fat Accuration Protein Supplements


Magnum-Lyx Protein Supplements

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Liquid Supplement for Cattle

Liquid supplement can save you money and increase performance.  Ask about using one of our feeders!

Backyard Dairy

We encourage & support your efforts to take control of your food supply!  Feed & Supplements available to help increase milk supply & quality.

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